3 Ways to Productively Kill Time in Airports While on Business Travel | stopsuiz.ga

Flying is becoming less and less convenient, unfortunately. Between increased security, decreased services and seat room, and delays which seem to get worse every year, many of us end up spending more and more time in airports. This does not need to be wasted time, although it often is. Planning is the key to being productive in airports.

I often use my laptop in airports. Two things make this work well. First, I have a wireless cell modem so I have Internet connectivity almost anywhere. It’s typically cheaper than paying for access in airports, hotels, and more. And I also have an relatively new battery as they last much longer. If you need a wall plug for extended stays, you may or may not find one. Look under water fountains, in cafes, and along any wall and you may, or may not, get lucky.

I read a lot in airports. My favorite is bringing things I can dispose of afterwards, like industry trade rags, reports, and other business materials. Of course a good piece of fiction is good too.

The telephone can be quite productive in airports too, although sometimes it’s loud and you need to look for a quieter spot. I return phone calls in airports all the time, mentioning I’m between flights as appropriate to limit their duration!

I also work on my schedule in airports and in the air.

Anything I get done doesn’t need to be later, although sometimes I’ll admit I may just sit at the airport bar and relax as well.

Business Travelers Hotels | stopsuiz.ga

Not every hotel is geared for business travelers. Some are simply meant for holiday travelers, and focus on leisure features. Some hotels offer rooms geared for business travelers, with a stress on committed work areas. Once you’ve found a potential hotel, call the front desk directly and speak to the concierge or to a well-informed front desk clerk. Inquire about the facilities provided by the hotel such as internet accessibility, conference rooms; transportation etc. if the hotel has the features out lined below then you will definitely have a successful business trip.

Essential features of a great business:

Location: Hotels that are positioned near an airport or located in a city’s business quarter generally cater to business travelers. Airport hotels rarely offer views, but they make up for it with expedient location. Location is why many recruiters characteristically plan interviews in airport hotels. It is easier to fly in, meet numerous applicants, do some work in the business center, and fly back home.

Internet Access in the Room: Most hotels offer some form of Internet access whether it’s use of the business center’s computer, high-speed access in the room, or wireless. The business travelers need to know where the next high-speed Internet fix is coming from, so he can stay productive on the road.

Speedy, Customer Service: Hotel specialists are in the business of providing good customer care. Business hotels make the important difference of offering good customer care quickly and proficiently. A guest’s requirements must be met speedily so that he or she can concentrate on the professional reasons they are there primarily.

Business centre: It is absolutely a must for a hotel to have this facility. It should also be equipped with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art office equipment, services include tele-videoconferencing, high-speed Internet access, high-speed duplicating, printing, colour printing, colour copying, scanning and document processing, as well as courier, secretarial services, telex and fax.

Conference Rooms: Conference rooms or boardroom and a meeting room are a must if you plan to hold meetings seminars, promotions and exhibitions. These rooms must be equipped with audio + video conferencing facilities.

Easy Transportation: Business travelers need to be places punctually and with minimum hassle. Good business hotels more often than not offer transportation shuttles to all key business areas, or aid travelers with hiring taxis or private cars.

Restaurants & Bar: Business travelers need to be able to have the facilities of in hotel restaurants, to be able to meet associates over drinks, lunch or dinner. It’s best to have at least two types of specialty cuisine restaurants and a bar in the hotel itself.

100% Effort:Good business hotels allow travelers to concentrate on their jobs by working out the small and big stuff (taking care of problems like misplaced luggage etc.). The extra level of service in a good hotel is a boon to the traveler.

On a business trip avoid family or holiday hotels and it is always best to research the business hotel before booking.