3 Ways to Productively Kill Time in Airports While on Business Travel | stopsuiz.ga

Flying is becoming less and less convenient, unfortunately. Between increased security, decreased services and seat room, and delays which seem to get worse every year, many of us end up spending more and more time in airports. This does not need to be wasted time, although it often is. Planning is the key to being productive in airports.

I often use my laptop in airports. Two things make this work well. First, I have a wireless cell modem so I have Internet connectivity almost anywhere. It’s typically cheaper than paying for access in airports, hotels, and more. And I also have an relatively new battery as they last much longer. If you need a wall plug for extended stays, you may or may not find one. Look under water fountains, in cafes, and along any wall and you may, or may not, get lucky.

I read a lot in airports. My favorite is bringing things I can dispose of afterwards, like industry trade rags, reports, and other business materials. Of course a good piece of fiction is good too.

The telephone can be quite productive in airports too, although sometimes it’s loud and you need to look for a quieter spot. I return phone calls in airports all the time, mentioning I’m between flights as appropriate to limit their duration!

I also work on my schedule in airports and in the air.

Anything I get done doesn’t need to be later, although sometimes I’ll admit I may just sit at the airport bar and relax as well.

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